Join us during the week of September 3rd as we spend an entire week on the new property sharing our vision and raising money to build "The Box"! You can learn about "The Box" here:

The week will include:

-A yard sale with all proceeds going to "The Box" September 6th-8th

-A worship night on September 9th 

-Outdoor church service on September 10th

Yard Sale 

You can join us this week by not just attending the worship and church service, but also by playing a significant role in the yard sale!

Heres what you can do to help:

-We need you stuff...bring items to sell in the yard sale and donate them, this could even include big items like cars or boats.


  • Sunday September 3rd 2pm-7pm 
  • Monday September 4th 2pm-7pm
  • Tuesday September 5th 2pm-7pm

-We need your help on the Yard Sale team to sort, organize and work the event.  Sign up below!

-We also need you to come shop and invite all your friends to come do the same

Join The Team:

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