Encore is an in-depth conversation that goes a little deeper into everything we do at The Rock.  Sometimes that will be a sermon preached or an event that occurs. Regardless of what it is, Pastor Scott Johnson will ask the right questions, go a little deeper and give the viewer a look behind the scenes here at The Rock Church of Fenton. 

Look for a new Encore every Thursday morning at 8am Eastern Time

On this Encore, former atheist Brent Deep takes a few minutes to talk about his past, how Christ transformed him and how Christians need to "get in the game".

Enjoy this special edition of Encore "On Location" at The Rock Church of Fenton's annual Lake Day.

In this special edition of Encore Pastor Wes Morris and Scott Johnson recap the entire In the Beginning series while taking questions from the live audience.

In this Encore Pastor Wes Morris and Pastor Scott Johnson go deeper behind the message "In the Beginning: Sin". What is wrong with the world today?

Single? Married? Divorced? Thinking about divorce or married? Then this Encore is for you!

Ever what wondered what the "light" in the Bible was before the sun and moon were created? Is knowledge of the creator God enough?

In this Encore Pastor Scott Johnson goes "On Location" to sit down with Pastor Brian Motte

Serving idols or God? What should Christians look like? What about the change in church gatherings?

Where is the Garden of Eden? Can you lose your salvation? What is the Gospel? Just some of the topics covered in this episode of Encore - In the Beginning: Salvation.

Learn about who Satan is, where he is, and what he wants to do. Learn about the lion who is roaming around seeking to devour you.

Am I Created in the Image of God? Am I serving creation over the Creator? What about murder, death and abortion? Was I created with the correct gender?

On this week's Encore Pastor Scott Johnson and Pastor Wes Morris discuss the sermon "In the Beginning: God".


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