We are a group of motorcyclists who love to get into the wind on two (and sometimes three) wheels, to attend motorcycle rallies and events and be servants wherever possible. We have a love for our fellow bikers; but above all, we love the Lord our God. We love to serve Him. If you are still seeking a group to ride with, or maybe you are questioning your relationship with God, please feel free to just come and ride with H.I.M.

Our Mission

The Mission of The Rock Church of Fenton Michigan Hogs In Ministry is to PREACH the Word of God to motorcyclists, so that those who profess Christ as their Savior can be BAPTIZED, and then DISCIPLED to observe all that the Bible teaches. (Matthew 28:18-20)


HIM Change Class
Leader: Clete Coombs
Location: The Rock Church
Address: 11400 Linden Rd
Fenton, MI 48430
Day: Monday
Time: 7:00 pm
Description: People arrive around 6:30 pm for fellowship and food (if desired) Study starts at 7pm. For lesson schedule and information regarding this class please contact: Clete Coombs 248.807.8603

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Who We Are

H-I-M is an "On-the-Move" Army of God: H-I-M has one focus and that is to go out into the world, find the lost, introduce them to the Lord and help bring them to the house where they can find both peace and healing not only for themselves but for their loved ones, as well.

Evangelism: H-I-M's focus is Evangelism aimed at the Biker Community or anyone who rides a motorcycle. H-I-M members ride into and reach into every type of Biker Event and into the darkest of places where others fear to tread attempting to reach the lost. Evangelism is always aimed at anyone we come in contact with from the biker to the guy at the gas station, to the lady in line at the grocery store or even the one sitting next to you in a Sunday morning church service.

Addiction & Various Recovery Classes: H-I-M is passionate about men and women in recovery--those who have found themselves in the clutches of Active Addiction. H-I-M recognizes the need for on-going support classes, a time of fellowship with those struggling with the same bondage and one-on-one counseling. H-I-M will always be ready to reach out and help people with this Ministry of Restoration and Reconciliation. H-I-M members teach these classes in many different locations and we are finding multitudes coming to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. For more information about the addiction ministry here at The Rock "Breaking the Bondage," click here.

Prison Ministry: The Jail / Prison Ministry is truly blessed as we grow in both in Michigan, as well as several other states. In the prisons we evangelize, disciple inmates, run several different Recovery Programs, Bible Studies and one-on-one visitation with the inmates before they are released back out into the world. Our primary goal is to get prisoners and their families connected with a local church once released. We also make every attempt to get the inmate's spouse & family connected with a local church before the inmate's release.

Fellowship: By coming together with other believers, we get to know each other, form friendships in a special and unique way and minister together. These groups bond with one another, look out for each other and become accountable to each other. This is fellowship at its deepest level.

H.I.M. is a 24/7 Evangelistic Ministry being obedient to the Word of God as He alone tells us to go onto the highways and into the hedges and make disciples of men and to compel men and women to come into the house of the Lord.

Contact Clete or Pam Coombs at 248-807-8603 for more information or with any questions.