Partnering with Cuba

We believe God has opened an exciting opportunity for The Rock Church of Fenton to partner with a local church in Cienfuegos, Cuba. Cienfuegos is a city on Bahía de Cienfuegos, a bay on Cuba’s south coast and is home to 150,000 Cubans. 

Our Mission 

The Mission of The Rock Church of Fenton Michigan is to PREACH the Word of God, BAPTIZE those who profess Christ as their Savior, and DISCIPLE them to observe all that the Bible teaches us. (Matthew 28:18-20) Not only here in our local community, our Jerusalem, but to the ends of the earth. (Acts 1:8)

Our Vision

To come along side the local Cienfuegos Church and preach the Gospel of Christ, so that many can confess Jesus Christ as their Savior. (Romans 10:9)

How can you help?


Join us in prayer as we begin making long term plans to partner with the local church and for the hearts of those in Cuba that will hear the Gospel.


Help support the Cuba Ten9 effort by giving to cover some of the cost of things like:

  • 101 Christianity Books translated and printed in Spanish 
  • Invite cards for local church to invite Cubans to the revivals
  • Tech equipment like cameras, speakers, microphones and computers that will stay to assist the local Cuba church
  • Transportation of Cuban people to the revivals (bus rentals) 
  • Preaching translator cost
  • Travel cost

Considering helping financially, to give click the link below and select Cuba Ten9.


Join the Team

We will be planning some future trips, if you are interested in going or assisting the team in going, please fill out the from below to stay connected on future announcements or needs. (Future trips will have a very selective application process based on country policies and the visa process, submitting this form does not guarantee or reserve you a spot on the trip.  This is only for future information on needs, a full application process will be announced later this year)

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