Holiday Happenings

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November Week 4

SCRIPTURE: Luke 1 & 3 (John the Baptist)
BOTTOM LINE: I should point others to Jesus! 

Week 1

SCRIPTURE: Luke 1 (The angel visits Mary); Psalm 5:12
BOTTOM LINE: I need to live ready to be used by God! 

Week 2

SCRIPTURE: Matthew 2:1-16 (King Herod); Colossians 1:21
BOTTOM LINE: I can only be close to God through Jesus.

Week 3

SCRIPTURE: Luke 2:1-19 (Jesus' birth); Micah 5:2
BOTTOM LINE: Because of Jesus, I have hope.

Week 5

SCRIPTURE: Luke 2:25-38 (Simeon & Anna); John 6:29
BOTTOM LINE: God sent Jesus for me!