Summer Camp

rockyouth Summer Camp 2018: UN




Sunday Night - What is UN?


Monday Morning - Thomas - Rational Misery ~UN~ Faith-filled Hope

Monday Night - Matthew - Manipulating Thief ~UN~ Graceful Servant

Tuesday Morning - Simon - Religious Conservative ~UN~ Righteous Accountability

Tuesday Night - Phillip - Ignorant Liberal ~UN~ Relational Evangelist

Wednesday Morning - John - Truth & Justice ~UN~ Mercy & Grace

Wednesday Night - Peter - Impulsive Activist ~UN~ Passionate Visionary

Thursday Morning - Paul - Hated Vigilante ~UN~ Leading Missionary

Thursday Night - THE OTHERS - Jealous Bench Warmers ~UN~ Supportive Teammates


Friday Morning -- Judas -- Religious Masquerade = Remorseful Suicide


Day Videos





Film Festival

Purple Rain Presents — How to win Film Festival

Gorgeous Orangeous Presents — The Purge

Raging Salmon Presents — Taken 4

Blue Sharks Presents -- Escaping the Flames


rockyouth Summer Camp 2017: RELENTLESS

The Rock Church of Fenton, Lake Fenton, Linden, and Byron, Michigan exists to preach the Word of God, Baptize, and Disciple RELENTLESS RECAP



Sunday Night


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Thursday Night


Friday Morning


Day Videos

Monday Video

Tuesday Video

Wednesday Video

Thursday Video

Film Festival

Rain Makers present "Tiptoe"

Guacamole presents "Ferris Bueller's FOB off"

Yellow presents "The News Room"

The Pinkies present "The Dining Hall"



Roolz Videyo 2017