Follow: Into Storms



We’ve been learning to “Choose this day” to serve God, meditate on the Word, pray, and choose good friends. What are some of the costs you have experienced in the last few weeks because of these choices?

  • Friends
  • Time
  • Hobbies
  • Relationships
  • Future plans

If you haven’t experienced a cost evaluate your life and whether you have really made adjustments…


While there are hard choices and costs of following Christ, there are also storms or times of testing that will come. 

  • Why do you think these times of testing occur?
  • What are some storms or tests that you’ve experienced personally in the past?
  • Are any of you experiencing a storm right now?  
  • Are there any storms that you think would be too difficult or too scary to handle? How would they rock your faith?


Purpose in your heart today to be ready for the storms that will come your way. Choose a scripture that you can hold tightly to during those times to remember God’s hand in your life. Be ready to share that verse next week!!

Phone Wallpaper:

Set this photo as your phone background so that you can have a reminder daily to follow Christ through the storms in your life.