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What verse did you choose to hold to when storms or trials come your way? 


  • Why do we often respond like the disciples during storms, with fear and little faith? 
  • What are some other ways you have responded to storms in the past? (i.e., Withdrawing from Christ, church, Christian friends, Seeking comfort in sin, complaining, etc.)
  • What is the correct response to storms and trials according to James? 
  • What do you think ‘great joy’ or rejoicing when storms come your way actually looks like?  
  • Since we know storms will come, what are some ways we can change our response and react in faith? How can we react in joy? (Remember God’s work in the past, surround ourselves with godly support, turn to Christ first rather than trying to solve ourselves, don’t throw pity parties, look for the lessons you are being taught, etc). 


Spend some time reflecting on God’s powerful work in your past. Jot down or mentally review some trials or storms you’ve experience in the past, how God worked in the situation, and what did you or can you learn from it. Be ready to lean on those things with the verse you chose when storms come your way.