Choose this day: Pray Earnestly

The Rock Church of Fenton, Lake Fenton, Linden, and Byron, Michigan exists to preach the Word of God, Baptize, and Disciple Choose this day: good friends


Review last week’s challenge:

Meditating on God’s word daily. How did students put this in action? 


What are some ways you struggle with prayer? 

  • Falling asleep
  • God as Santa Clause
  • Prayer as a formal speech
  • Or maybe as too informal
  • Repetitive prayers
  • The position/posture/location of prayer
  • Don’t know what to say
  • Just don’t think to do it

When you do pray, which element of prayer lacks most often? 

  • Understanding God’s Authority/Greatness
  • Wrong Motives: Your needs vs. wants
  • Repentance and forgiveness from sin
  • Requesting help against temptation
  • Having the glory of God as your focus/ultimate goal
  • Faith that God can and will move
  • Listening and Waiting

Effective prayer is continual.

  • 1 Thessalonians says to pray without ceasing. What does this look like practically in a person’s life and how do you think it impacts his day? 
  • What are some things in your life that you would like to pray earnestly for, like Elijah from the passage did, believing in God’s power? 


Set aside at least several minutes in your day for intentional prayer this week. Pray effectively and earnestly and ask God to move in that time you spend with Him. Try to pray continually- throughout the day, making prayer your first response in every situation. Next week, let us know what you learned through that time of prayer.