small things matter: RELATIONSHIPS

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Every single day we make decisions about who we are going to hang out with- at school, at work, at church, at home, at the football game, etc… Although we don't always treat this decision very seriously, we float from group to group or person to person with no forethought of why we are hanging out with them.

The problem is that relationships mold who we are and the things we do! Therefore we must be careful to think about the relationships we have, no matter how small they seem, and determine if its worth allowing it to mold who we are. 



In what ways did God speak to you about how He sees you? How are you doing with trusting that God can and wants to do big things through you? 


  • How much thought would you say you put into who you talk to? Hang out with at school? 
  • What are some ways the people we hang out with influence us? 
  • Think about a few people that you spend more time with than anyone else. Good or bad, what are some ways these people affect:
    • What you like/dislike? 
    • What you wear? 
    • The music you listen to or the media you watch (i.e., movies, YouTube videos, SnapChat, instagrams you follow, etc)? 
    • What you talk about and how you speak? 
    • What you believe or areas you’ve considered compromising your values?
  • What small steps can you take to keep from ‘yoking’ with unbelievers and negative influences? 
  • Who are some people in your life that could positively influence you and what small steps can you take to begin investing more into those relationships? 


Ask God to show you people that are influencing you in negative ways. Pay attention to the small things in these relationships and cut them off or enforce specific boundaries. This week, begin investing more in one or two relationships that will help strengthen your walk with Christ. Be ready to talk about it next week!