Jonah: God Calls-We Flee

The Rock Church of Fenton, Lake Fenton, Linden, and Byron, Michigan exists to preach the Word of God, Baptize, and Disciple Jonah-God Calls we flee



  • God gave Jonah a clear direction that he chose to run from. What are some clear directions God has given Christians in scripture or you personally through His leading? 
    • Salvation - Confess & Believe
    • Crucifying the old self and becoming a new creation
    • The great commission
    • Avoid Sin 
    • Go to church/have Christian fellowship
    • Read the bible, pray, have a relationship with God
    • A specific calling or direction to serve
    • etc.
  • What was Jonah’s response to God’s calling? 
  • The file attached Ephesians 4:25-5:20. This passage covers ways we run from God and silence His voice through sin. As you read through this passage, circle or mark any areas you struggle or tend to turn to when you are silencing God’s voice in your life. 
  • What are some ways that stood out to you that we can silence God’s voice in our lives? 
  • What is the result of choosing these sins over God’s direction? 
    • Broken relationship- we feel far from Him
    • It becomes more difficult to recognize His voice
    • Consequences of the sin
    • He may stop pursuing us and wait for us to come back to Him
  • In the Ephesians passage, the words marked in red are some of the ways we silence God’s voice. The purple words instruct us in what we should do instead. Which red word(s) do you relate to or struggle with the most personally and what are the related purple words that can lead to restoration in your relationship with God?


This week, meditate on the right responses from Ephesians and choose to Wake up and Walk in the Light (5:14), actively pursuing God. Try to intentionally live out the purple words that relate to the areas you are struggling or have struggled as you as God to help you overcome the sin that hinders your relationship with Him. 

Practical ideas: 

  • Write out the related verse on a note card and post it in places you will see throughout the day (on your mirror, fridge, closet, above your pillow etc.)
  • Screenshot the verse in your Bible app and make it the background/lock screen for your phone. 
  • Set a reminder in your phone that displays that verse at a time you seem to struggle the most (at school, late at night when alone, etc) 
  • Share the verse with a friend or leader and ask them to check in on how you are doing as you try to live that out this week. They can do this 2-3 times this week or even each day!