Jonah: Vow to God



How and for what did you cry out to God for a second chance this week? If you didn’t complete the challenge, take a moment to think about areas you need to begin obeying God and His call in your life. 


1. After throwing Jonah overboard, the sailors were so in awe of God’s power to calm the storm, that they made a vow to serve Him. 

  • What are some things that God has done in your life personally that have caused you to stand in awe of His power? How have you experienced God in your life?
  • What are some vows (promises) you have made to God in the past? 
    • The phrases below may help trigger your student’s memories.
      • Thank you Lord for ________, I will never _______ again.
      • God I promise if you _________, I will __________. 

2. At the end of Jonah’s prayer that we read last week in chapter two, he says he will ‘fulfill all His vows’ to God. There were areas in Jonah’s life he had made vows or promises to God that he wasn’t keeping. 

  • What are some vows you have made in the past to the Lord that you have not kept? 
  • What are some things that have kept you from keeping your vows to God in the past? 

3. After last week’s second chance message, you likely have one or several areas of your life that you know God is calling you to obedience that you have cried out for a second chance.  

  • As a result, what vow or vows will you make to God today as a result of His great power, forgiveness, and direction in your life? 
    • Write down your vows on the attached file or on a 3x5 cards . Tape it to your mirror, keep it in their Bible or planner, or somewhere they will see them often.
  • How will you keep yourself from falling to the things that kept you from keeping your vows to God in the past that we talked about earlier? 


This week, review your vow(s) to God at least daily, if not more often. Share it with an accountability partner & mentor so they can help you stay on track. Resolve to overcome the areas of disobedience in your life once and for all, living in a way that pleases God.