Jonah: Good Luck Charm



Are there any areas from the “our sin/obedience affects others” lesson two weeks ago that God asked you step up so that you could positively affect the lives of the people at home, church, or school? 


  • What are some ways people use God has a “good luck charm?”
    • Lord’s prayer before sports games
    • “Pointing up” to give God credit for a touchdown, win, etc. when there is no faith on a daily basis to back that up
    • Prayer life only exists for things like tests, emergencies, illness, etc. 
    • Anytime we treat God like a vending machine to get what we want
  • What are some ways people use God as a “get out of jail free card” (get out of trouble). 
    • Praying parents don’t find out about something wrong you did
    • Verses out of context-
      • Romans 8:28- God, please work all things together for my good – trying to escape consequences of our sin
  • What are some other “gods” people call on for their ‘good luck’? 
    • Knock on wood
    • Karma
    • Rabbits feet, lucky socks, etc. 
    • 4 leaf clover
    • Heads up penny
  • Are there any of these examples that you relate to personally or that you have done without realizing its wrong? 
  • What is the danger with using God or other things as ‘good luck charms’ or to escape the potential consequences of your mistakes? 
    • This is not a real faith, but we might confuse it as one
    • When our skewed view of God doesn’t ‘come true,’ we blame Him
    • We develop conditional love for God (and may even think His love for us is conditional too!)
    • We give glory to those things (like lucky socks) instead of the Lord or take the glory for ourselves


Evaluate your own life. Are there areas you only go to God when you need something or superstitions you are holding to that don’t glorify God? Are there areas in your life where you do what works rather thank what is truth? Identify those areas and start to develop a deeper relationship with God by digging in the Bible and learning truth about ho