Jonah: Cry Out--2nd Chance

Due to Technical Difficulties we do not have a recording this week. 



How did you develop a deeper relationship with God this week so that you sought Him even when you weren’t asking for something or relying on Him as your ‘good luck charm?’


1. Why did Jonah need a second chance from God? 
    He disobeyed God’s call on His life

2. How did God get Jonah’s attention once and for all? Swallowed by a big fish

3. Our disobedience may not get us swallowed by a fish, but what are some consequences God does allow to get our attention when we fail to obey? 

4. What Jonah suffered emotionally was possibly worse than physically being inside a whale. How was Jonah feeling in chapter 2? 

  • “depth of Sheol” 
  • "engulfed”
  • “Weeds wrapped around my head”
  • “I descended to the roots of the mountains”
  • Clearly Jonah felt far away from God, lost in the lowest moment of his life, with life and joy ‘choked out’ by his disobedience. 

5. Jonah is brought to his knees before He will listen to God. What are some times God has humbled you to your knees in the past so that you would listen to him? 

6. There are ways we fail God every day. In your life right now, what are some areas you are failing to obey God and need a second chance? 

  • Have you been brought low yet? 
  • How does it affect you emotionally?


When Jonah realized the state he was in, He cried out to God from the depth of His heart and laid everything out before God. God was gracious and gave Him a second chance. This week, CRY OUT to God over the areas you have been fleeing His call and living in disobedience. Like Jonah, let Him in to all areas of your heart and let Him know how you truly feel.