Take Back Your Mind: When Temptation Comes

The Rock Church of Fenton, Lake Fenton, Linden, and Byron, Michigan exists to preach the Word of God, Baptize, and Disciple WHEN TEMPTATION COMES



This week, what did you find made your struggle against temptation more difficult? For instance- If you struggle with anger, but listening to music that fuels that anger.


1) In what ways have you lived thoughtlessly like Ephesians 5 says – not considering how you might be tempted as a result of your choices? 

  • The friends you hang out with
  • The movies you watch
  • Music you listen to
  • Where you go

2) How will you change your choices to live in wisdom in these areas? 

3) The battle with sin often begins in our minds. 

  • What does this battle look like? 
  • How does it progress?

4) 2 Corinthian’s tells us to take every thought captive in order to wage war against sin. 

  • How do you know which thoughts to take captive? 
  • What does taking our thoughts captive actually look like?

5) The Bible says that we’ve been given Authority over the enemy’s power. 

  • How do we use that authority to fight against satan? Scripture & Prayer

6) What does your prayer life and your Bible reading look like? How does it need to improve so that you are ready to battle against temptation?


Don’t let the temptation to sin just linger in your life. 

  • Ask God to how do you identify the areas you’re being tempted.
  • Begin taking your thoughts captive
  • Spend time in prayer and meditating on the word. Find a verse to reference that will help when the struggle begins