The Spirit of Giving

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So often, we do good things at Christmas, but if we leave out the name of Jesus, have we missed the point? Have we met the temporary need while leaving the eternal one unmet? Christmas is a season where people are already acknowledging Jesus, they just don't know why. We are the bridge to that understanding but we must tell by making the most of every opportunity... The important thing- don't leave out the gospel! 



  • Why is it hard to tell other people about Jesus, even when we are serving or doing something good for them? 
  • Why do you think its important for us to always remember to share Jesus when we help others? 
  • How will you point other people to Jesus this Christmas season? 
  • Who are you inviting to the Christmas party that doesn’t know Jesus?


Take an invite card for the Christmas party and give it to the person or people you named. Invite them this week and follow up with them next week to make sure they can come. Start praying now that God would get their heart ready to hear about Jesus.