The Spirit of Giving-John the Baptist

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Why do you do the things you do at Christmas? Is it because they are Biblical or just some tradition? And I’m not just referring to getting presents and Santa, but what about reading the story out of the Bible? Sometimes we never examine why we do what we do, or question if we should do things different to be more Biblical with the way in which live our lives.

We already know that the greatest gift we’ve been given is Jesus. Sometimes we forget that God gave Jesus as a gift to our friends, neighbors, and loved ones too, even if they don’t know it. What if God is asking you to do more than just inviting a friend to a Christmas party? What if he wants to use you like he used John the Baptist, to make crooked paths straight in the lives of your friends, classmates, and neighbors, so that they are ready to receive the gift that is Jesus? 



  • John the Baptist’s life was sold out to the message of the coming Messiah. His sole focus was people knowing Jesus. Looking at how you spend your time, what you talk about, what you’re known for, what is your life sold out to? How do you feel about that?
  • The Bible says that at salvation, we were entrusted to carry the message of the gospel to others. How are you doing with that responsibility? What could change?
  • John the Baptist was the forerunner of the gospel. He turned the hearts of people away from their sin and rebellion to the Lord so that they were ready to follow Jesus. How can you do a better job of doing this in the lives of your friends?


Getting your friends to the Christmas party or to church hear the gospel is AWESOME! But what you do before the party arrives is important too. This week, be intentional about preparing the hearts of your fiends for the gospel. Pray for them, share your testimony, ask questions about what they believe and let them know who Jesus is to you.