The Rock Church of Fenton, Lake Fenton, Linden, and Byron, Michigan exists to preach the Word of God, Baptize, and Disciple OPPRESSED


When God spoke to Moses through the burning bush, he had been living exiled from Egypt for 40 years, likely oppressed by the guilt of his sin. During that time and for the last 360 years before that, the Israelites were enslaved, groaning under the weight of the burden they had to bear each day. In our lives, we carry heavy burdens of guilt, fear, and our baggage. When God speaks to Moses in the burning bush, He assures Moses that He is aware of the suffering of His people and He is there to rescue them. The God of the universe is aware of our burdens and His desire is that rather than living oppressed, we live free, experiencing His deliverance from the weights that hold us back in our faith.



  • Up front, God communicates to Moses that he cares about the struggles of his people. Do you believe God cares about the burdens you’re carrying? Why or why not? 
  • Does your life actually reflect what you say you believe?
  • What specific burdens, sins or exceptions of the world are you currently enslaved to?
  • If you could just lay down your sin, your baggage, your guilt, expectations and the burdens that define you and live fully free, what changes would you have to make?
  • Romans 6 says we were slaves to sin, but we’ve been set free. What holds you back from claiming this victory and moving forward in freedom?


God revealed himself to us like he did with Moses when he sent Jesus to provide freedom from sin, guilt, expectations and the oppression of this world. He already conquered all of it- LIVE FREE!  

Lay down these things once and for all and don’t pick them back up as what defines you. 

Ask the Lord to fully deliver you and then use that as part of your testimony, sharing God’s power in your life with others.