Love God...Love Others


Why are you here? What drives you to come to rockyouth Student Ministry? Are you here because your friends are? Because there’s nothing else to do? Do you lead because it makes you feel good? Because the kids you serve with are your ‘favorites?’ Do you ever wonder why you should be here? Or leave wondering if you missed something that would have made coming even more worth it? Maybe we need to take a closer look at what the purpose of coming together as the church is and see if we are inline with the Truth of the Bible. 



Being very honest, why do you come to rockyouth Student Ministries? Which of these three attitudes best describes why you come to church?

  • I am here for me (to see my friends, to have fun, because I don’t have anything else to do, because my parents make me, because I like my leader, to feel/experience God, because I want to feel good, because I want to learn…)
  • I am here for God (to grow closer to him, to learn more about Him, to worship Him, to serve Him)
  • I am here for others (to help them grow, to love them, to serve them, to encourage them, to keep them accountable)

Of the five purposes of the church- worship, ministry, fellowship, evangelism, and discipleship-

  • Which do you tend to excel at on a weekly basis? 
  • Which of the five do you need to work on the most? 
  • Which of the five do you think require the most maturity in your faith? What does where you’re at right now in that area tell you about your own faith? 


Our human nature naturally makes us selfish. Even ‘strong’ Christians can find themselves with an inward focus, instead of an outward one. If you are a follower of Christ, you are the church. The church’s five purposes are primarily outward focused. If you aren’t filing those purposes, decide today to stop being selfish. Remember, church is not about me. Its about loving God and loving others.