But Why??? Honor Authority


Everyone of us has been in a position where we didn’t agree with what those in authority over us were doing. Maybe this was a parent, teacher, boss or the government. But what does the Bible teach us about how we are supposed to respond in this situation? Are we to stand up for what we believe in? Or are we supposed to bow to their authority?



  • Scenarios: Use biblical basis for what you would do in the following scenarios.
    • Your curfew is strictly 11pm but the movie you’re at won’t end until a few minutes before that. You know your parents will be out later than you anyway… what do you do? 
    • You are taking a test in school. The teacher walks out of the room and students being to share answers. When the teacher comes back in she realized some of the student we sharing answers but no one will confess. After class the teacher know you attend church and asks for who it was. What do you do?
    • Your job states that you are not to use your phone while on the clock. There is a spot in the back room where everyone goes to check their phone where the boss and cameras cannot see. What do you do?
    • You’re home on a snow day watching and turn on Netflix and see a movie that you know your parents would not approve of you watching. You know they will never know you watched it. What do you do? 
    • Your parents expect you to go to bed at a reasonable time, especially on school nights, so that you get adequate sleep. Its 1am, you’re phone is blowing up and you’re in the middle of binge watching a new season of your favorite show that was just released. What do you do?
    • Your math teacher has paired you up with a few other students in your class for a group homework assignment. She expressly declared that the use of calculators was not permitted. As you and your group work, your group mates pull our their calculators to begin. What do you do?
    • You walk into an establishment such as a movie theater that says, “no outside food or drink allowed” Do you bring in your own snacks?
  • How do you typically respond when you don’t agree with authority? Does your response change if its your parents? Your friends parents? Your teachers? Your coach? 
  • Why is honoring authority, especially when you disagree, so difficult? 
  • What testimony does an attitude of honor and respect towards authority leave to those in leadership? What does it show to your peers or others observing?
  • How can honor and respect open the door to the gospel?
  • What will you change this week to adjust your response so its more like Christ’s example?


The choice to disregard and disrespect authority is a selfish one that also dishonors God’s authority since he places each leader in their role. When you know you will be around an authority figure this week that you struggle to show respect to, go into the situation prayerfully, asking the Lord to guide your attitude and response. Show them love and respect as a service not only to them, but more importantly, to the Lord.