But Why??? Men & Women


“You do you.” In today's American society that we live in, people have taken a principle from things you prefer and applied it to the way you have been created. For example, Coke or Pepsi? That is completely based on your own tastes. But society now tells us that our gender, or who we are and the way God created us to be is up to us and what we decide we want to be. But what does the Bible say about who God created us to be?



  • What are some things you have observed about the world’s view of gender identity and gender roles? 
  • Thinking about the world’s view of those two things (gender identify and gender roles), what do you agree with and what do you disagree with? 
  • How do the biblical roles of men and women challenge your view or the world’s view of gender roles? 
  • Reflecting on what the Bible says about gender roles, are there any that are difficult for you to understand or agree with? Which ones and why?
  • Why is a biblical view of gender identify and gender roles important? 


This week, reflect on the Biblical roles of men and women. Pray through areas that are difficult to understand and have some conversations with Christian mentors to work through the areas that need clarity. Ask God to help make you the man or woman he intends you to be!