But Why??? Is homosexuality a sin?


In our society today, we hear many things like, “What is true for you is not necessarily true for me.” The guiding principle for many people is “You do you” or “do what feels good.” But what about when this idea is applied to morality or deciding whether things are right and wrong? Is “stealing is wrong” a negotiable truth as long as it seems right to me? What about murder? Or homosexuality? Can we apply this thought to morality or is morality decided by something outside of ourselves?

One way this idea is applied today is to sexuality. Some say that if they have the attraction to a certain person, then “god” created them that way. Therefore, they believe they have the right to decided whether it is right or wrong to pursue someone of the same gender. But what does the Bible say about it? And was the Bible’s mandate cultural for the time it was written or is it something that is true all time, no matter the culture or tradition?



  • What do you believe about attraction? For instance, is it learned or something you’re born with? Can it change over time? 
  • How do you think God thinks about same-sex attraction? 
    • Do you think he thinks differently when its an unbeliever vs. a Christian? 
    • And based on this belief, how should you treat people who struggle in this area?
    • If Jesus were with a person struggling with same sex attraction, how do you think he would treat the person?
  • How do you think people who struggle with same-sex attraction think Christians view them? How can you impact this view positive and negatively?
  • If same-sex attraction is something a Christian struggles with, what do you think they should do? 


The Bible is clear that homosexuality is sin. However, it is no better or worse than any other and it can be very hard to overcome. Trust that God can reshape your heart, attitude, and mind. Love others, no matter their struggle and lean on a leader if you the one struggling. Remember, Christ came to set the sinner free, not to condemn.