But Why??? How far is too far


How Far is too far? As we grow up the opposite sex becomes enticing. We wonder what it like to see, touch, taste, etc… But this curiosity finds us in a place where we are asking the question of, “how far is too far,” rather than the question of, “how can I honor God with my relationship?” 



  • How do you view the opposite gender? How would looking at them as your brother/sister in Christ change your perspective? 
  • The world says, “Its my body, I can do what I want.” How does 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 compare to this idea? 
  • What does glorifying God with your body look like when it comes to purity? 
  • What “loopholes” do you use to justify lust?
    • I can look if I don’t touch
    • As long as we don’t go all the way, its ok
    • There’s no one else involved, so its okay
    • Everyone else is doing it
    • So and So did it and they’re following God
  • Matthew 5:29 & 30 make it clear that purity is a fight. How are you fighting for your purity, or what needs to change? 


Purity is impossible without a plan. Fight for your purity remembering the CPR method.

  • C—Confess you struggle. To Christ and Accountability
  • P—Pursue Righteousness
  • R—Repent/Remove opportunity to sin

Forget the loopholes and make purity, or honoring God with your body, a priority in your life.