But Why??? Is Polygamy and Divorce sin?


Today, when talking about biblical marriage or one man and one woman forever, we often hear phrases like, “its 2018- that ship has sailed,” and “we need be be more inclusive.” We see and hear things on on social media, TV, movies, and music about doing what pleases you. If marrying more than one person makes you happy…go for it. If that means having an open marriage…go for it. If that means getting divorced…go for it. “You do You!” 

But is this truth? Or is this the enemy- a wolf in sheep’s clothing, who has come to steal, kill and destroy your life? What does God, the creator of all of it, have to say about it? What does He say in the Bible about marriage and how we are to do it?



  • In your opinion, what’s the purpose of marriage? 
  • Do you have any fears about marriage? If so, what are they? 
  • Thinking about the purpose of marriage, how could being with multiple people (through marriage or an open relationship), hinder that purpose? 
  • How could it (being with multiple people) harm you or the people you are in a relationship with? 
  • Thinking about divorce, do you think its ever acceptable? And if so, when? 
  • Why do you think the Bible warns against divorce?
  • Regarding multiple or open relationships and divorce, how do these things help or hinder you in your walk with the Lord and pursuing his calling for you? 
  • How do they help or hinder your testimony? 


Marriage is more than just choosing one person to spend your whole life with. It gives you a partner to pursue God with. Together, the two of you can do amazing things for the kingdom as you follow after Christ together. Ask God to transform your thinking about relationships to reflect this. Determine now what your fears, questions, or misconceptions might be and begin working with a leader to overcome them through scripture.