But Why??? Equally Yolked


In a society that teaches the ideal of, “You do you,” sadly it is rare to see a biblical marriage, let alone a marriage that sticks it out through thick and thin. Proven by the statistic that 50-60% of first marriages end in divorce. 

For many of those that don’t end in divorce, they live a life of misery. Bound by a covenant that they have made to a man or woman they no longer love. 

Because of this example, a new trend in society is that men and women of God are choosing to live in sin rather than even entertain the concept of marriage because of the idea of marriage that they have been raised to know. 

So what does it take to make it? How do we have any hope that if we got married would wouldn’t follow the trend of divorce or be stuck in a relationship that we are miserable in?



  • What are your feelings about marriage? Do you have any fears? Anything you’re excited for? 
  • What do you think God’s purpose for marriage is? 
  • How do you think you can prepare now for an awesome, godly marriage?
  • What things do you do now (or could you be doing now) that would harm your hope for a godly marriage?
  • Do you have any bad examples of marriage in your life? What can you learn from them? 
  • Do you have any good examples of a godly marriage in your life? What can you learn from them?


Find a godly couple or a few godly couples and hang out with them for an ordinary day. Observe their attitudes, how they love each other, and what they do to put the Lord first and each other second. Begin working on areas of your life that won’t mesh with a godly marriage and start praying for your future spouse. If you have fears about marriage, seek the Word of God and grab a leader and talk them out!