But Why??? Origin of Life


Why are there so many religions? How do I know which one is the right one? Does it even matter or are they all the same? Does it really make a difference as long as I believe in a higher power?

Since the beginning of time people have been trying to answer 3 basic questions: 
ORIGIN: How did I get here?
PURPOSE: Why am I here?
DESTINY: What happens when I die?

Since then, mankind has answered these questions through making objects to worship, hoping they will bring good luck or by praying and offering sacrifices to forces of nature, hoping their lives may in some way be blessed. Their main goal has been living a peaceable and good life, hoping the good they do outweighs the bad. 

But in each of these things we find a common theme, mankind trying to earn favor with a deity by doing something they think a deity will look favorably on. In each scenario, mankind is trying to control their destiny. 

But this leaves us wondering if any of it works. How do we know any of it is true or if all along we have been carrying around a lucky rabbits foot hoping something good will happen to us



  • When you consider all the different versions of ORIGIN, what things are you sure of? Where do you have questions? 
  • If you feel certain of your view of origin, how would you explain or defend it to someone with an opposing view? 
  • Why does a person’s view of origin matter? (Does it really matter, as long as you believe in Jesus?)


This week take some time to find evidence that stands for your view of the origin of Life. And ask yourself a few questions about it. 

  • Where does the evidence come from? 
  • Is it a reliable source?
  • How do you know it is true?