But Why??? How do we know right from wrong?



Every day we are faced with situations where we have to make a decision whether something  is right or wrong. Some things are obvious and almost self evident such as, “is it right to murder someone?” However, there are other things that are harder to answer such as, “Is capital punishment for a crime murder?” “Is lying to protect someone from harm ok?” “Is plastic surgery sin?”

But whether it seems self evident or not, how do we determine something is right or wrong? Do we determine it ourselves, by culture or is there a divine truth that determines right from wrong that we are obligated to follow?


  • Where does your PERSONAL (NOT WHAT IS THE BIBLE ANSWER) sense of morality (or right and wrong) come from?
  • How do your parent’s opinions impact your morality? How will that change when you move out? 
  • How do your friend’s opinions impact your morality? How does that change as you hang out with different people?
  • How do your youth leader’s opinions impact your morality? How will that change when you leave for college? 
  • If you had a stricter sense of morality, what would change? If you had a more relaxed sense of morality, what would change? 
  • If you are unsure something is right or wrong, what are some ways you could determine an answer?


You won’t always live under your parent’s roof, have the same group of friends, or have youth leaders checking in on you each week. Your morality must be grounded in scripture. This week, pick a topic that interests you or a topic that you think is ok but others in your life say is not (or vice versa). Find out what the Bible says while praying to understand God’s heart on the matter.