River Crossers

40 years. The people of Israel wandered around like gypsies in the wilderness for 40 long years before entering the land God had already promised them. They lived on one side of the Jordan river eating manna and quail for decades, while on the other side of the river were gigantic grapes, pastures for grazing livestock, bees making honey and all the opportunity to finally settle in a land of God’s blessing. Yet…for 40 years they didn’t cross. They continued living discontented on the wrong side of the river.

As I read about that period in Israel’s history this week, I got thinking about the times I have chosen to live “on the wrong side of the river”. The times when God had promised that my life, giftings and experiences were meant for something a lot better than where I was at the moment. I think about a lot of people that I preach to every week. Others that I’ve known for years. People that God has promised better for. Better purpose, a better marriage, true peace, real joy, fulfillment, spiritual growth, effective ministry. All people that seem to continue wandering aimlessly on the wrong side of the river, staring across at blessing they could've had but don’t. 

Why? Why do so many of us do that for so long? Why do we choose manna and quail over the fresh fruit of the promised land?  

My prayer this weekend is that the Word of God will stir the hearts of many to finally let God take you from being a tent dweller to a river crosser!


See you soon!

Pastor Wes