What is 18/25?

In it’s simplicity, 18/25 is the young adult ministry of The Rock Church focusing on those between the ages 18 and 25. See? That simple! In it’s complexity however, 18/25 is about so much more than I could ever write in a blog. 

Some may ask, “Why 18-25?” That’s a fair question! About a year ago, my wife and I started asking God what He would have us sink our teeth into, what He wanted from us at The Rock. Through much prayer, many conversations and relationships, it was confirmed to us that young adult ministry was that thing. 

My wife and I both grew up in church. We have been in and involved with every major ministry a church can offer. 

However, what we have failed to see throughout the years is a viable young adult ministry. We’ve always seen churches that have youth groups to train and disciple young people through their high school years but as soon as graduation happens these young adults are left asking themselves what they are supposed to do in life. This is personal to Jacqueline and I, having both experienced this in our own lives. 

Often the church is absent in the lives of young adults, which in turn causes young adults to be absent in the church. And understandably so! They get swept up by an evil world and many times they abandon a faith that may have been nothing more than what their parents told them it should be.

Instead of helping young adults "fix [their] eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of [their] faith," (Hebrews 12:2) many college aged ministries try to be hip, trendy and cool. But hip, trendy and cool are not what young adults (or any age group for that matter) need! 

18/25 exists to see these post high school young adults remain connected to the power and relevance of a Living God! To see them form a faith of their own, centered around the Living Word - Jesus Christ! To see hearts and lives, inspired by the Word of God, pursuing Him with passion and reckless abandon! 

We meet the last Friday of every month in The Rock Student Center. There’s music, teaching and good food! This is a great opportunity to connect with other young adults and either begin or continue growing in your faith! Come to our next gathering, March 27 at 7pm! If you would like to know more about 18/25 or have any questions, you can email me at jwhite@hisrock.net.

Grace and Peace,
-Pastor John