Good Soldiers

“Suffer hardship with me, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.” –2 Timothy 2:3

Over the last 5 weeks, the Rock church has held a week long Ten9 outreach in Flint, church at the beach, a week long youth camp, a week long Ten9 in Byron, a Sunday service in the pouring rain and sent a team to Haiti that is on the ground right now. At the very moment I am typing these words, there is another team preparing to serve at a week long elementary camp that begins this Sunday!

This is an extremely aggressive ministry. You that serve together, here and abroad, push yourselves to the breaking point. During the Ten9 weeks, you walked the streets and neighborhoods for miles enduring 90-degree heat and pit bulls. You stood over hot grills cooking food, set up hundreds of chairs, manned inflatables, cut down trees, cleaned up a park, knocked on doors, prayed for the broken, witnessed to the lost and baptized 100 people!

Why? Why run so fast, sweat so much and stay so late? Jesus Christ is worth it—that’s why. We don’t do it to feel good about ourselves or win an award. We aren’t trying to “get our name out there.” Jesus said, “go.” Go near and far and be His witnesses. We are called to do this like it’s an emergency, because no matter the name of the town, color of skin, or native language…people are there—people who may die tonight and wake up in Hell. So we go to them. We go wherever they are and we tell them their sin has been nailed to the cross and they must repent and believe in Jesus to be saved.

I just wanted to take a moment to say from the bottom of this pastor’s heart to every single man, woman and child who has shown up for duty this summer…thank you. Thank you for “getting it.” You get what it’s all about and Who it’s all about. Thank you for giving your literal blood, sweat and many tears to see God expand His Kingdom. Thank you for taking time off of work. Thank you for walking hot pavement when you could have been floating in a lake.  Thank you for tearing down sound equipment at 10 pm in the dark, when you could have been sitting in the A/C watching TV. Your faithfulness inspires me. You make me want to show up earlier, stay later and preach more often. Your grit for sharing the gospel is a continual reminder that Jesus is so worth it! He is worth the last drop of our very lives. Let’s continue to give it to Him.

I love you all!

Pastor Wes