A season of fasting & prayer for the Rock Church ends this Saturday, March 18th. We as a church family have been seeking the Lord’s direction for our individual involvement in the future of God’s ministry here. 

  This weekend, I have a very special message on my heart to share with the church. I am excited to open the Word of God together and spend time celebrating the many things the Lord has done in our midst as well as look forward to where we believe He has called us to walk.

 I believe that God has only begun to work through us and has much more that He will accomplish for His glory. I think of the first miracle the disciples witnessed in Cana of Galilee where Jesus turned the water to wine. Their minds must have been blown. In that moment, who could have ever known how near they would stand to mighty works of Jesus. Nobody on that day could have imagined that they would see storms calmed, 5000 fed, crippled people walk, demon possessed set free and the dead raised! None of those guys could see any of that coming back there in Cana. But Jesus did. Jesus knew what He was going to do the whole time. 

 For as much as we have seen Jesus do in the lives of His people here, I have a sneaking suspicion that we are still at Cana of Galilee. I have no way of knowing what the Lord is intending to do…but He does. He has always known. You and I just need to hang on tight and trust Him all the way.

See you soon!

Pastor Wes