God & Politics: Made in America

Made in America.png

“Wes, you obviously don’t vote, do you?”

Somebody asked me that once and I stood there puzzled. When I inquired why they would come to that conclusion, the answer was basically to do with the noticeable absence of politics in my sermons. 

Let me clear some fog. 

I love America.

Politics is fascinating to me. 

John F. Kennedy is my favorite President.

I have friends who are politicians. 5 total. 2 Democrats. 3 Republicans. 

I vote in every election. 

I’m always proud and thankful when I come in from a foreign country and hand my American passport to the immigration officer. 

One time, my wife, Erin & I walked to the shore of lower Manhattan and saw the Statue of Liberty standing among the fog in New York Bay. It took my breath away. My great grandfather Gustav’s name is engraved on the wall at Ellis Island. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. I looked out at the water and tried to imagine him arriving on a boat from Germany and stepping foot on American soil for the very 1st time. 

My grandfather Pete served in the United States Navy.

My uncle Mike served in the Coast Guard.

My father served in the Army.

My former brother-in-law Justin was a Captain in the Marine Corps before he died in the sands of Iraq in 2006. I spoke at his funeral and fought tears through every word. 

I’ve seen The White House, The Capital, The Jefferson Memorial, The Lincoln Memorial, The Washington Monument, The Korean War Memorial, The Vietnam Wall, Arlington Cemetery and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. I find every one of them and the stories behind their existence amazing. 

Without question or hesitation, I am an American…SECOND. 

My first citizenship, and therefore my loyalties lie entirely with another kingdom. 

Check back tomorrow for Part 2 of God & Politics: Dual Citizenship.